Experimenting in the kitchen is one of the ways that we like to pass the time these days. One thing that we cannot get enough of are the vast variety of peppers, some from our garden, that can truly spice up just any type of dish. Whether you like them sweet or scorching hot, this is one versatile vegetable that can add both texture and taste. Before we get into how we cook them we thought we would share just some of the possible benefits of adding these to your diet and how they can help your diet improve.

Pepper Nutrition and Benefits

Peppers are one of the best ways to compliment any dish and can definitely bring not only a little kick for the palette but also add a nice bit of color. The variety range from red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers which are the most common. They are an extremely versatile veggie that can be prepared numerous was and can be included in a wide array of different types of dishes. But beyond the stunning good looks and tastes of peppers, they also can provide a nice improvement to your overall diet.

Control Cholesterol Levels

Capsaicin is an element in pepper that can help control the buildup of cholesterol levels in the body. Researchers say that the hotter the chilli the higher the level of the capsaicin, thus the healthier it is. On the other hand one should be keen not to add too much bitter pepper thus making your food almost inedible.

Fat Burner

Hot and sweet peppers can help contribute to weight loss. Capsaicin which is said to give hot red peppers the ‘burning mouth’ effect, aids in boosting metabolism in our bodies and therefore prevents immature fat cells from reaching maturity. Sweet peppers have a component named ‘CH-19 sweet’ which was found to work similar to capsaicin minus the burning effect.

Rich in Vitamin C

Research states that yellow, red or green sweet peppers chopped into half a cup contains double of your daily vitamin C needs. Getting a regular amount of this vitamin can help prevent a number of different maladies and it also help boost your immune system.

Cancer Prevention

Red peppers in particular contain an ingredient called lycopene. It is a carotenoid that lowers the chances of both cervical and prostate cancer. In addition to that, the carotenoids also prevent breast cancer with research from the university of Manchester stating that women who have had a slice of red pepper in their diets have their risk reduced by 17%. This is because the carotenoids have the ability to interfere with the signaling of estrogen. Fibre found in peppers reduce contact of the colon walls with cancer causing toxins thus reducing chances of colon cancer. More so, a combination of folic acid, beta-carotene and vitamin C which are all present in peppers significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Boosts Night Vision

Sweet peppers contain beta-carotene which is later converted to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is essential for night vision. Vitamin A is can also be important to active and passive smokers. Benzopyrene is a carcinogen in cigarette smoke which leads to vitamin A deficiency. Next to quitting smoking, a healthier diet can help minimize some of ill effects.

Stroke Prevention

Regardless of hot or sweet peppers, they are highly rich in B vitamins. Yellow, red and banana peppers have a high percent content of B vitamins and folate. In women, a high dietary consumption of vitamin B6 and folate lowers the probability of dying from stroke and coronary heart disease.

Maintain a Youthful Look

Bell peppers are known for their rich content in vitamin E. The vitamin E plays a key role in skin and hair growth which results in a younger look.

Whether you like peppers grilled, toasted, roasted, on your pizza or in a casserole, eating them on a regular basis can have very positive effects on your health. Today’s toaster ovens also make them a lot more convenient to prepare and enjoy.

Toaster Oven Versatility

We personally love using our toaster oven on a daily basis just because of all of the different meals, dishes, and treats that we can prepare. If you do not yet have one of these in your kitchen then you are truly missing out. This is one gift that you need to give yourself and with the holidays upon us this is the perfect time. When we made our decision we studied up on the toaster oven reviews from and found a Breville oven that we thought would fit nicely on our counter. We haven’t looked back. Cooking all types of peppers is just one may that we make use of our new kitchen toy, but there is so much more. But back to the peppers for a bit.

The simplest way to enjoy them is to cut them into smaller pieces and lay them out on a baking pan. Drizzle some olive oil and black pepper over them and pop them in the toaster oven for a few minutes. If you want sweet roasted peppers, you can use the broil function and just keep an eye on them. Depending on the oven it can take 10 to 20 minutes. The outside should be a nice blackened charred color. Let them cool for a few minutes and remove the “burnt” skin and what is left is sweet, soft roasted peppers that you can add to anything from salads to chicken fajitas. If you have any left over you can just put them into a ziplock bag and stick them in your freezer.