My purpose is mainly calling to those "few" constantly working their way up-stream avoiding the human-sea headed for the abyss.

Today, Christian-America is not unlike the Hebrew-nation of Moses'-time. They had been in captivity for so long that they had distanced themselves from God. Even as God reclaimed his people with Moses, there will come a time when He will gather us again. The problem is timing. Under man's wisdom we've progressed so far that when Christ came, the Jews missed His coming and are left waiting for His return. We now have the Bible, but destroyer-Satan has got the modern-world believing he doesn't exist and what's clearly wrong is now right.

With Pope John Paul II in the grave, world-wide Catholics are calling for liberalized reform starting with a black, brown, or yellow Pope who will feminize the priesthood, allow the use of condoms for birth-control and to reduce AIDS in sodomites -- in other words, many of the one-billion Catholics no longer want to be Catholic! Christians aren't much different. Innocent blood through abortion stains and curses our land, while sodomites are increasingly embraced by the ministry. The fact is: more than 6,000,000 Americans have been slaughtered since mini-me George Bush has been President with no sign of abatement. With all the hue-and-cry for 50 plus years about a World War II holocaust, why does a nation populated overwhelmingly with Christians allow the innocent to be sacrificed?

Our thinking got off track back in the Garden of Eden when subtle-Satan seduced Adam & Eve into partaking of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil which leads to death. Prior to their seduction, God's Will was all they knew. The fruit of the poisoned tree caused them to use their own flawed-agency in choosing wrong over right. Out of love, God stationed an angel to guard against His human-image creation from access to the Tree of Life -- meaning Adam & Eve would have lived forever in their sin. God's plan of salvation sent His Only Begotten Son to atone for His-people so we can someday abide in His presence.

The human-saga of sifting the wheat from the chaff is cited in the chronicles of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, the Temple, Babylonia and the Prophets of the Old Testament; through the birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus Christ; the coming of the Holy Spirit, and the Christian heroes from Peter, Paul, James and John -- until this day and into tomorrow. Even though we know that in the end, God and His elect win; Satan's tide of evil and wickedness on this earth has been steadily rising since the Garden of Eden. As in the Garden his primary weapon remains DECEIT.

When God retrieved His people from Egypt 3,500-years ago, He re-established His Thinking through specific Laws cited in the Torah (first-five-books of the Bible). These Laws, referenced throughout the Bible, included mandatory Holy Days, e.g. "Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy." Besides the Seventh-Day Sabbaths, God established High Holy Days and Feasts -- all of which were kept by Jesus Christ and His Apostles, but only by a few Christians today.

There is the example in First Kings, Chapter 12:32 (975 B.C.) wherein Jeroboam, given the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel, destroyed the religious unity of the nation by initiating his own feast day a month after the established Feast of Tabernacles (Lev 23:34). Jeroboam feared he would fall into the hands of Solomon's son, Rehoboam, who was king over Judah in Jerusalem, so he forbid Israel from going to the Temple on the 15-day of the seventh month. Jeroboam, although a man of God, failed in his faith and dreadfully deceived Israel. Persisting in this evil led to his death. Because Rehoboam catered to sodomites, God allowed Egypt to ravish Jerusalem (1 Kings 14:24).

Our European/American culture has fallen victim to this same plot to place obstacles between God and those who would be His. Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome (died 337 A.D.) used the Christian religion as the glue to bind his Byzantine conquest. Constantine was a sun-worshiper, who reportedly was baptized just prior to his death. His organization of popes in Rome and Constantinople met in 325 A.D. and established Sun-day, the first day of the week as the official Christian Sabbath. All High and Feast Days commanded by God for His people were eliminated, replaced by pagan holidays (Christmas-Winter Solstice and Easter after the goddess of fertility).

Christian authorities, including Pope John II and even Rev. Jerry Falwell, confess that Sunday is not God's Sabbath, but is recognized by Christians in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year (2005), Easter was carbon-copy Jeroboam holi-daze, being an entire month off the mark of Passover which Christ and His Apostles were celebrating at the time of his crucifixion and resurrection. Christ remained with the Eleven until 10 days before Pentecost. He instructed them to stay together until the Holy Spirit came (on the Feast of Pentecost - Act 2:1). Paul lingered with the Corinthians until Pentecost (1Corin 16:8). Why, if the 7th Day Sabbath and Feast Days were good enough for Christ and His followers, aren't they honored by Christians today? Is it because Satan has skillfully succeeded in separating God's people from keeping God's Commandments? We are assured by the Prophet Zechariah in Chapter 14:16 that we will be keeping the Feast of Tabernacles throughout the millennial reign of Christ! If so, why not NOW?

The way to "straight-thinking" is to focus your conscious spiritual vision totally on the Will of God, while seeing your physical being as crucified as to the things of the world. I am known for getting involved in matters better left alone. After single-minded prayer, I left active military service in 1979 as a Chief of Congressional Relations in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in mid-career to search for U.S. Prisoners of War abandoned by our government. Following a meeting with Deputy CIA Director Admiral Bobby Inman in the White House, the CIA and NSC decided to "put the POW issue back on the shelf as if it never existed." I was ordered to return to active-duty as Director Jerry King's deputy commander of ISA (super secret agency under control of the National Security Council). I refused, extorted funds from the CIA by threatening to sell sensitive equipment, and continued the mission -- knowing American POW were being held against their will by Asian Communists. Even President Reagan helped out by asking Clint Eastwood to make-up a shortage in funds. My efforts continued for 12-years, until February 1992 when U.S. Senator John Kerry made an economic deal with the Vietnamese to "bury" our Missing in Action.

Throughout the years, I walked the airport runway at Sandy Valley and prayed for God's Will. The constant dilemma was whether to remain at home focused on my family, or should I again cross the Mekong in quest of our Missing in Action. On the one hand I saw myself standing before God ashamed for wasting the chance to be a proper patriarch to my wife and children; on the other hand, I was crushed to think that God had saved me from combat that I might serve our nation by bring home those left to die in the hands of our enemies. In the end, each time, I chose to return to the water-hole knowing that one day the tiger would be there.

Along the way I met a remarkable young man, Patrick Byrne, an Ivy-League graduate, heavy-weight boxer and football player. Patrick was bigger than life in his early 20's standing 6-foot-three and weighing 240-pounds with red hair, a handsome ruddy-complexion, striking blue-eyes and Hollywood-smile. He was the blacksheep of the family. His dad, John, was CEO of Geico Insurance and Patrick's brothers were Wall Street Brokers. After Dartmouth, Patrick wanted to study Chinese so he went to Bei-Jing University for a year (early 1980's before the fall of the Soviet Union). It was in in China, we became acquainted. I needed access to a Lao-general in exile there with active connection to the anti-Communist guerrilla-movement in Laos. Patrick helped get General Kong Le to Paris. Patrick had a God-given gift of tongues for Asian languages and acted as an ISA agent-contact for me in Thailand.

We were all shocked when Patrick came back through Ireland on his death-bed and was checked into the George Washington Hospital riddled with cancer. Patrick's Dad called me and said Parick was not expected to live and wanted to know if I would come and see him. I prayed and hallelujah! It was one of those rare times when God's sweet Spirit answered me! "If you will go and anoint him, he will live
." Both friends and family advised me not to go. It is very expensive to get an immediate departure to Washington, D.C. Patrick might well not live to see me; I was emotionally over-reacting to the loss of a close comrade; we cannot hope to intervene when someone is appointed unto death...I heard it all -- including God's voice and I left immediately.

My plane landed at Dulles International late that night. I rented a car and didn't arrive at GW Hospital until close to Midnight. Patrick was in the Intensive Care Unit. No one was in the waiting-room except Patrick's Mother and girl-friend. They both attacked me as if possessed! "What are you doing here?" "Why don't you just leave Patrick alone?" "What do you think you can do more than seven priests who have already blessed him?" I have zero idea to this day how those two women knew I was there to bless Patrick. I knew the family was under great stress about Patrick's grave condition, but I didn't expect a verbal broadside. I explained that Patrick's Dad had called me, and there was nothing I could do to harm him after his being blessed by seven Catholic priests. The next problem was to get past the old-hide of a nurse guarding the locked ICU-ward.

I knocked and she cracked the door eyeing me carefully. "I'm here to see Patrick Byrne." "Are you clergy." she asked? "Yes." She opened the door and allowed me in. Patrick was covered in life-support: IVs, monitors, wires, hoses and tubes. He appeared not to be conscious. It wasn't easy but I worked my arms through the maze of hanging apparatus and was just able to place consecrated oil on his head and put my fingers along his forehead. I said the words the Holy Spirit put on my lips. there wasn't any recognition from Patrick. My duty done, I thanked the nurse and exited without speaking to the huddled women.

I had arranged a safehouse in Falls Church, Virginia and the phone number was passed to Mr. Byrne while I was enroute. He called early and announced that the doctors were amazed. Patrick was sitting up in bed like he had never been ill. They were going to do extensive tests to see what had occurred. Previously a large cancer had encircled his Aorta closing off blood flow to his body. The condition was made worse by a huge blood-clot that had formed. Patrick would die unless blood-flow was restored, but if the cancer was attacked the clot would certainly clog his heart -- resulting in death. The cancer was rampant in his lymph-nodes, testicles, and other organs of his body. Now it appeared he was out of danger! Patrick wanted to see me before they wheeled him away for exploration.

I arrived just as his bed was being pushed into the elevator. Patrick handed me a note he had written: "Thank You, Bo, for the blessing, but why should God save me when I have sinned far more than tens-of-thousands of Africans who die every day from disease?
" I was furious, but the door was closed and Patrick was on his way. Patrick was NOT tens-of-thousands of Africans! God had graced him physically and mentally. Patrick was special! Luke 12:48 says it best: "whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."

Patrick made a rapid full and miraculous recovery. In typical fashion Patrick flew to San Diego, California, got on a bicycle and peddled across America to get back into shape. Reaching the east coast of Florida, he threw the bike into the Atlantic Ocean. Patrick entered Stanford University and graduated with a Masters in Political Science. He then ask me to write a Rhodes Scholar recommendation and was accepted for higher learning in England. Patrick came to me for career advise. He wanted to join the CIA or Special Forces. I told him he needed to serve a religious mission for God overseas where his gift of tongues could be exploited. Always respectful, Patrick thanked me, then reminded me that his family was strict Catholic and and an evangelistic-mission was out of the question. Later I heard that Patrick was considering professional boxing as a heavyweight out of LA. I notice now on the internet that he has settled somewhat as the CEO of I'm all but certain that the Byrnes have moved on in their life beyond the time when Patrick was on the cusp of life and death. Still, I'm glad I ignored all the well-meant advice and flew to the side of my friend at his moment of need with a gift from God.

I've always sought God's Will in my life through ardent prayer (James 1:5). General William C. Westmoreland, Army Chief of Staff, Commander of U.S. Forces in Vietnam, and former Commandant of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, featured me in his memoirs as "The" American Soldier. Among other things, he noted that in 1965, when all else failed, I knelt in prayer for the success of our Cam-Tu (suicide) mission -- and God answered with a miracle. I've had a few out of the ordinary "religious" experiences and several "ordinary" miracles. Once in Vietnam, I cried out in anger at God for allowing harm to so many of the Vietnamese children. It was the first time I heard His voice: "This is your war, not mine. It hurts me more than you. You must remember that it is necessary for innocence to suffer that the guilty may be punished

Returning from the war in 1969, I climbed alone to the top of a mountain in northern Mexico to figure out if my soul could be salvaged. I had ony one-bullet in my Browning automatic pistol. I drank melted snow, read the Bible from cover-to-cover and prayed for more than a week before His still small voice spoke words of healing and love to me. I was saved because out of hundreds of deaths, I had never selfishly taken a life just because I had the power and means to do so. I consummated an agreement with God to forever serve Him as an Eternal Warrior in acting as a champion for the oppressed. I was blessed with a protected priesthood of Phinehas. Please take time to read and ponder Numbers 25:6-13. Phinehas in his zeal did not spill innocent-blood by killing the prince of Israel and the Midianitish princess. At first I thought it meant leaving Special Forces and entering the Christian ministry, but that was not God's Will. I was to remain a soldier for a season and a reason.

In 1984 Communist Laos, I had worked long and hard for the records of 308 U.S. POWs. I was late getting through Thai-security forces and crossing the Mekong River. My source was killed and all but one of the 308 documents was recovered by the Pathet Lao. I was devastated and silently screamed at God: Why can't we ever seem to get a break when what we are trying to do is righteous? God's voice was crystal clear: "How can you ask me for this great thing when you have not yet done the small things that I require?
" I immediately left Southeast Asia to discover why I wasn't a worthy vessel. In the process I was "converted." There was finally a change where I found keeping God's Commandments an act of love instead of an impossible burden.

August 1992, I was ready for the test. The place was Ruby Ridge Idaho and the federal siege of the Weaver Family. I made my peace with God and arrested the Governor, Director of the FBI and Chief of the U.S. Marshall Service. It worked. I got through the police line and was able to arrange for Gerry Spence, Esq. to defend Weaver for free. The next day Kevin Harris left the cabin. He had been shot through the left arm and chest and was near death. He was air-lifted to Spokane. The day after, I carried Vicki Weaver's body out of the cabin, it was obvious that it was only a matter of time before the siege would be resolved. The only people left in the cabin were Randy (shot in the back) and his three daughters. That evening Dick Roger's (FBI-HRT Commander) told me that if I couldn't get Weaver to surrender by Noon the next day, they were going to "take them out." Explosives had been prepared along with an FBI assault team. I was shocked! It was pure evil. There was absolutely no reason for such deadly aggression.

That night I couldn't sleep thinking about the next day. Then at 02:00-hours I had a vision. At exactly Noon, the cabin door opened and we all walked safely down a rickety flight of stairs. I was walking out of my room for Ruby Ridge at 07:00 when the telephone rang. It was KTALK in Salt Lake City wanting a live update. I told them about the vision and that it would all be over at 12:00. They immediately went to a traffic report and hung-up as if I was out of my mind.

Up on the hill, Rogers was determined that none of the Weavers would leave alive. He was unrelenting on his drop-dead at Noon plan. To make things worse, Randy told me that after praying all night, he and the girls had decided that the FBI would have to kill them as they had Vickie and little Sammy. I could feel of heat and shock of the TNT along the walls of the clapboard cabin. Just when it seemed that all was lost God opened the door. There was Randy saying: "Girls get your things together, we're gonna follow Colonel Bo down the hill." Coming down the long flight of rickety stairs, I looked left at Randy. My left forearm was over top of his right arm, our hands tightly gripped together. Ten-month old Elisheba (God's Promise) was cradled in Randy's left arm. I looked back at Rachel and Sara holding each other. It was deja-vue! Exactly as I had viewed the vision. As we hit the ground, I glanced at my watch. High Noon! God's Time!

Not long after Ruby Ridge it was the Montana Freemen siege, followed by a succession of Americans who believed they were right according to the spirit of the law, but government thought otherwise. I've been tried twice and exonerated by juries on criminal charges in federal and state courts. Three times Grand Juries refused to indicate when prosecutors tried in vain to put me in prison. The book, My Brother's Keeper (888-281-5170) spotlights each important instance where I believe God hand of mercy was extended in favor of the oppressed and persecuted. Every case cited was important, but the seizure of the Indianapolis Temple by the IRS, the search for Eric Rudolph, and the endeavor to save Terri Schindler-Schiavo had exceptionally deep spiritual significance. It was either God or the IRS at Indianapolis. It was the first time in U.S. History that the Infernal Revenue Service would attempt to seize a recognized church for tax purposes. Rudolph set-off a bomb in 1998 at a Birmingham abortion clinic that maimed a nurse and killed an off-duty policeman. I saw an opportunity for Rudolph to be a spiritual hero.

I've always been convinced that you can't break the law in keeping the law, but when the law is contrary to God's stated Will, then it may be the right thing to do in challenging the law. I believe we should keep God's Commandments. Certainly it is not right to destroy innocent life. As already stated, I believe abortion is a grievous sin. Rudolph had already taken a life. I thought that if he would turn himself in and stand trial, it would give America the opportunity to take a stand against abortion. If the jury, influenced by the Holy Spirit, refused to find Rudolph guilty, it would send a chilling message throughout Satan's houses of horror. I cleared it with the FBI to give the $1-million reward to any agent Rudolph would name. I secured initial legal representation for him and went to North Carolina's Nantahala National Forest with 85 Task Force CROSS (Convey Rudolph Obligingly and Safely into the System) volunteers. We weren't there to run him down, but offer him a way to stand before an American jury and plead his case. Unfortunately, Rudolph does not have the heart, vision, nor spirit of a hero (John 15:13).

I'd like to re-cap the point of this article in case it was lost in the dust of my verbal illustrations. Many of us are on this earth to make a difference. The caring Mom, the Loving Dad, the loyal spouse, the forever friend, four-legged angels allowed to become perfect companions, teachers who open minds, leaders who encourage, heroes who sacrifice, people you have met for only a heartbeat that mean more than others you have known all your life. Those of us born to serve (the givers) need to know how to determine God's Will in our life so we don't miss opportunities, and at the same time are not led into temptation and destroyed by evil.

Once again: it is part of our living on this earth to have agency and make choices between right and wrong. However, left to our carnal nature, we become ever worldly and may well be drawn far enough off the track to fall victim to the destroyer. We walk a thin-line of righteousness over a fiery chasm. For those called, to do less is as unsatisfactory as going too far. My purpose is to share with you how we can survive seeking God's Will, without being led into temptation by Satan.

I stayed away from the Terri Schindler-Schiavo situation in Pinealles Park, Florida until it was obvious that she was going to lose her life at the hands of judicial tyranny. I started praying for her; then striving for answers which might save her. It wasn't long before it came to me that the only way I was going to receive inspiration was to be on-target. It's a long way from Sandy Valley to Central Florida. There were many sound and good reasons why I shouldn't get involved -- still I was reminded of my 1969 promise of service. I gave in and with my bride-Judy's support we threw our things into the motor home and headed east. It was clear from the start that the devil was in the trip. East of Flagstaff a snow storm closed I-40, we went south on I-25 to I-10. Pouring rain knocked out both the speedometer and tachometer, while water coursed in through the desert fried windshield seals. Cattle on the Interstate in the pre-dawn darkness nearly wiped us out. Judy slapped the mirror of a semi which woke us to eyes-wide. Amazingly the 1988 motor home, held together with spit and tissue, got us to Florida before the air-brake handle came off and the holding-tank let-go.

On the way I had prepared a Citizen's Arrest Warrant on my laptop. At Pensacola, we stopped long enough for Dr. Ward Dean and two patriots to Notarize and witness the complaint. I hoped the document would work as well as it did in Idaho at Ruby Ridge. I was prepared to do whatever God would have me do -- even to the extent of Phinehas. The warrant had no effect on the over-time rent-a-cops at the Woodside Hospice. The lieutenant I presented the warrant to looked at me in genuine confusion and inquired: "What am I supposed to do with this?"
I explained it represented in the most positive written form what might be heard on a 9-1-1 emergency call. The receiver could either respond with police and rescue force, or ignore the plea for help. My legal arrest complaint required him to place Judge Greer and Michiel Schiavo under arrest for crimes already committed and to prevent even worse acts to come. He read the warrant and discussed it with higher authority on his car radio, but nothing more.

What next? Judy and I were joined in Florida by two members of the FEW (Fellowship of Eternal Warriors). My options were rapidly running out. We were not there to protest or maintain a vigil. We were there to save Terri Schindler if it was within God's Will. It was clear to me that only direct action toward probate-judge George Greer and/or Michael Schiavo would change the dynamics of Terri's direction toward death by starvation. One or the other, or both, needed transformation. Left alone with either man, I could within five-minutes reduce them to the same level of brain function as Terri -- using nothing more than my natural body and leaving absolutely no hint of evidence as to the cause. It's my opinion that it is exactly what Schiavo, a skilled prison nurse, did to Terri. Enter the devil. If I engineered such an event, would it be in accordance with God's Will, e.g., Phinehas, or would it be just a wicked criminal act? If Rudolph would have come in on his own to face a jury, would his homicide be forgivable by God, even if condemned by the jury? As it turns out, Rudolph fled, was caught, and pled guilty, so as to avoid a judicial death penalty. I did not want to be led into such temptation of thinking I knew God's Will. So, as I've done before, I took the next step in faith that God would deliver me from evil. The problem was, I would have only a moment with Schivao and missing that, only a split second before Greer. My application would have to be radically modified from the rather gently induced vegetative-state over a period of five-minutes.

I took Old Glory in one hand and a cup of water in the other and stepped across the police line. Being arrested was the only way I could close the physical distance between me and the solution. If it was God's Will that I apply myself as a delta to this deadly equation then doors would be opened to access Schiavo, as the jail nurse, or Greer, as an arraigning judge. I was prepared to exploit either opportunity knowing full well my own legal jeopardy. After dozens of involvements since coming down from the mountain in 1969, was saving Terri Schiavo to be my final service? As the handcuffs were racheted around my wrists, and I was placed into police van, I knew the answer was close.

During processing at the jail, I falsely elevated my blood-pressure to over 200 requiring a check by the nurse. As it turned out, Schiavo didn't work on the weekend, as explained by his friend, the weekend-duty nurse. Still there was the possibility of closing on Greer during my arraignment. Special Forces usually get altered treatment in captivity. Two men arrested with me were allowed to keep their clothes and were housed in a dormitory with television, telephones, and shower facilities. They had beds, pillows, and covers. I was stripped naked and placed under bright-light constant observation in a 6'x10' cell with only a steel slab for a bed and nothing between me and a direct stream of 65-degree blowing air-conditioning. For my court appearance I was issued a blue jail shirt, trousers, and paper mini-socks. The hearing was done remotely with video by another judge while Greer was in hiding. In a small-way I felt somewhat like Abraham when he was spared from offering his son as a sacrifice.

My personal point is: while I could have stalked and dealt with Schiavo or Greer. It would have been a major mistake since obviously through the ineffectiveness of the Florida State executive branch and legislature; the failed efforts of the President of the United States, the U.S. Congress and even ignored appeals by the Vatican, God is allowing us (U.S.) to see how America (His Kingdom Come to Earth in Gothic terms) is under the fist of judicial tyranny, as a weenie county property-judge thumbs his nose at our great Constitutional Republic in draining the life from a helpless and innocent citizen through starvation and dehydration! We have regressed from our God-graced metamorphose out of slavery to sovereignty, back now to where people wrapped in robes, as during the inquisition, wrongfully exercise the power of judicial homicide. Innocence has suffered, now hear their cry for God's vengeance against the guilty!

My collective point is: Each Christian must bear a cross in this life to one degree or another. People like me can expect a higher degree of persecution than most because we are constantly eye-to-eye with evil. I shudder in thinking how merciful God is to us when compared to the torture of Christ's own Apostles. We are as John the beloved (allowed to live in exile) as compared to Peter, who was crucified upside down in Rome; James, the elder, was beheaded by Herod in 44 A.D.; Andrew, Peter's brother died on a "X"-cross; Philip was martyred at Hierapolis; Bartholomew was flayed to death; Thomas labored in Persia and India before being murdered; Matthew died a martyr in Ethiopia; James was crucified in Egypt; Jude was killed in Persia; Simon died on the cross; and Matthias, who replaced Judas was killed in Ethiopia for preaching the Gospel. Read Christ's assurances in John 15:20 and Matthew 5:10. No one said it would be easy -- just worth the effort. We must keep faith with God. The worst possible fate is to lose God. Without God we are worse than zero; with Him all things are possible. Every perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17).

Understand that God is not necessarily in the tsunami, the storm, nor the wild fire -- there's more than enough evil to perpetrate every awful event. Remember that God's hand of mercy is always extended, and His voice of cheer comes through the Great Comforter the Holy Spirit.

For those specially called, I've put words to a battle-song: We are Eternal Warriors. The words in four verses are: (1) We serve the Living God. His Will on earth to do. The right against the wrong! We go when we are called. His Glory overall. Champions to the end! (Chorus) We are Eternal Warriors liberating the oppressed. With helmet, shield, and sword, we meet the evil hoard, with the Word of God! Oh, we are Eternal Warriors. His Holy Priesthood we hold. We seek His Will above to seal enduring love, we're His anointed FEW!

(2) Regardless of the odds. We stand for right above. Protected in His Love. Our faith is in His plan. Our might is in His hand. Our duty will be done! We are Eternal Warriors here to serve His very own. We'll stand against the foe, through hell and fire we'll go, to glorify His Name. Oh, we are Eternal Warriors, loyal soldiers of the Cross. We will prepare the way when Christ will come someday to claim His precious FEW!

(3) We follow the Son. Whatever must be done. He is Eternal Life. Of His Name we testify. On His Promise we rely. Our Yahshua Saves! We are Eternal Warriors Called especially for this time. With Him we do commune, His angels all atune. The dragon nears his end! Oh, we are Eternal Warriors. His Prophesy to fulfill. In Him, we're as one, the battle will be won; soldiers of the King!

(4) Will you answer the call? Brave souls at the Fall. You've won you're first estate! Will you stand true with me? And only bend a knee, before Almighty God? We are Eternal Warriors. Building New Jerusalem. We'll gain the victory, through Yahshua's Authority. His rule will be Supreme! HU-ZAHH!!!
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