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Listen to Freedom Call

KU Band FTA Satellite:

Galaxy 25 (Telstar 5), Transponder 5, Frequency 11836, Symbol Rate 20.770
Satellite info. Link >

Internet Audio Streaming:

Windows Media Streams:
8kbps Server#1> mms://
16kbps Server#2> mms://
32kbps Server#3> mms://
64kbps Server#4> mms://
MP3 Streams:

16kbps Server#1> COMING SOON (DAYS)
24kbps Server#1>
56kbps Server#1>

Phone Bridge:

1-712-580-1100 Entry Code: 97524#
Toll-Free Listener Call-In:
USA: 1-800-433-1429

INTERNATIONAL: 1-541-826-8732

Check your area for an FM that carries AVR content.

American Voice Radio Network:


Postal Mailing:

American Voice
6500 Shadow Glen
Eagle Point, Oregon 97524

Free Players:

Real Player
Windows Media
Linux> XMMS
iTunes Apple Media Player
VLC Media Player

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