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Save A Tremendous Amount Of Time By Using A Food Processor


Food processors have been a godsend to amateur and professional chefs since they were first brought to market in the early 1970’s. They truly help automate some of the more mundane and labor intensive aspects of cooking while helping to keep you a bit safer while dealing with your food prep. The less you have to handle a knife the less likely you are to cut yourself accidentally. The food processor has also seen its share of technological advances in the kitchen. Today’s machines are not only easy to operate, but they are rather simple to clean as well. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen should have one of these appliances on their kitchen counter. No matter what type of budget or chef skills you possess, there is sure to be a food processor that is perfect for you.

We decided to do some digging and read through some of the latest food processor reviews  in order to find you some of the best options to help you save some time in the kitchen. Below are some of the top food processor options that should help you fall in love with cooking again by reducing the amount of tedious work that your favorite recipes may require.

Breville BFP800XL

It features two bowls: a smaller one of 2.5 cups and a larger one of 16 cups. The one with a capacity of 16 cups translates to 128 ounces. It also features three different blades and five disks.


  • Make/Model – It is a professional-grade electronic appliance.
  • Capacity – It has a very large feeding chute which makes it ideal for the family unit.
  • Versatility – It has an extremely handy accessory box which boosts its versatility.
  • Storage Space – It comes along with an extra storage bag for carrying accessories.


  • Speed – It is very slow and is thus unsuitable or ventures where speed is an issue such as commercial food processing.
  • Rigidity – It is less flexible than other conventional food processing counterparts.

Even with some minor drawbacks the Breville BFP800XL is by far the top choice when it comes to the latest food processor ratings and reviews. That’s because it combines efficiency, power and user satisfaction in a sleek styled package. You can read more on this food processor and see what makes this so popular with owners in their kitchens.

Braun K650 Multiquick

It has a 9-cup bowl capacity alongside several accessories such as universal chopping blade, two shredders, dough hook, citrus juicer, whipping attachment and two slicers.


  • Noise – It is has a very quiet motor and is hence suitable for use in public environments since it exerts minimal interference to the surrounding environments.
  • Versatility – It is very versatile since it comes along with a wide range of accessories.
  • Efficiency – It is very efficient since it combines a high power consumption of 600W and speed.


  • Storage Space – It doesn’t come along with extra storage for accessories and hence users have no choice but to make arrangements for extra storage on their own.

In general, Braun K650 Multiquick is a very high quality food processor that has numerous attachments, is affordable and very ideal for creative cooks.

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB

It has a capacity of 9 cups and comes along with a slicing blade, mixing blade, spatula, recipe booklet and a slicing disk. It is very safe for dishwashers.


  • Capacity – It has a very large feeding chute.
  • Size – It is less bulky, takes up very small storage space and can be stored even on top of counters.
  • Power Consumption – It has a motor that runs on 600W of electrical energy making it very efficient.


  • Weight – It is much heavier than the food processors of other models.
  • Durability – It has a track record of frequent breakdowns and is hence a nuisance to users.

Despite the above shortcomings, Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB is relatively sturdy and extremely reliable. It’s modern style also sets it apart and it fits perfectly into any type of modern kitchen.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach makes some of the top rated food processors for those on a very tight budget. The 70670 model has a 10-cup capacity, has two blades and a free plastic food container. It is very durable and conducive for machine washers.


  • Weight – It is very compact and portable.
  • Capacity – It has a very large capacity of ten cups which makes it suitable for large family sizes.
  • Size – Owing to its small size, it is very convenient for storage and use.


  • Power Supply – Its power supply motor of 500W is of average quality and hence is fairly reliable.
  • Reliability – It has registered several incidences of product failures in the past which has tainted its reliability.

On the whole, Hamilton Beach is a very simple and able food processor that is suitable for low income earners given its low prices

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

It has two containers made of BPA-free plastic materials. The first container has a capacity of 6 cups whereas the second has a capacity of 2 cups. In addition, it has two cutter sets. It is very safe for dishwashers.


  • Price – It is relatively cheap and affordable.
  • Use – It is quite ideal for smoothies.
  • Maintenance – It is easy to clean and use.


  • Power Supply – It has the lowest power consumption of all the major food processing brands. Its motor capacity is just 400W.
  • Versatility – It has the least range of uses, since it is mainly designed for smoothies. It therefore does have very low returns on investments.

This is a basic food processing model that has fewer accessories and is primarily designed for the manufacture of smoothies, however it can get the job done if the recipe calls for it.

All of these are great alternatives to slaving over a cutting board with a knife. They all have safety features that will end up saving your fingers in the long run as well. Food processors can end up being a huge convenience that you wished you had started using sooner. If you love to cook, then this is one small appliance that your kitchen needs.

Your Guide To Juicing On A Tight Budget

top budget juicing machine of the year

Finding a capable juicer is not as hard as it first seems. If you have been shopping around you may have found some that are super expensive and some that are really cheap. If you want to get into juicing but don’t want to break the bank it is important to not get lured into getting a machine that under $100 as these juicers will usually leave a bad taste in your mouth. They can wobble, produce low juice yield, and ultimately might turn you off to the entire juicing process. The Breville BJE200XL is the perfect entry level juice extractor that will come in around that $100 mark and it should be able to give you exactly what you need from both performance and a value standpoint.

Even though the BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain does not come with a lot of bells and whistles, its simple approach to juicing and low cost is what has made this a popular choice for a lot of health conscious people. Customer reviews for this model are rather good and it continues to be ranked as the best juicer 2017 for those looking to juice without spending a lot of money. So if you want to try to turn your diet around but don’t have a lot of money to spend, this is the juice extractor that we recommend.

Juicer Features

1. Has a single speed

The fact that this juicer has one speed makes it a must-have juicer as it simplifies the process of preparing homemade juice. When you have this machine, there is no need for you to be concerned about various settings. Preparing homemade juice is as simple as adding your fruits, vegetables, or both.

2. Has 3-inch extra-wide feed

This feature allows buyers to use vegetables and fruits of any size in the preparation of the desired juice. The large feed tube makes it possible for you to process fruits and vegetables in question, saving you a lot of time and cleanup.

3. It has durable, dependable blades

This juicer has dependable blades that easily grind rinds and skins. The presence of the blade assembly and mesh filters guarantee long-lasting performance while at the same time retaining the micro nutrients in vegetables and fruit peels.

4. Has a powerful motor of 700 watts

This guarantees a smooth and a strong operation, and you can use your juicer for as long as you want without worrying about the danger of overheating or any other issue.

5. It is based on centrifugal technology

This technology makes the juicing process faster, and it involves drawing the fruit inward while extracting the juice outward. The presence of centrifugal technology makes Breville BJE200XL ideal for busy homes where time is valuable.

6. It features an internal pulp storage

The juicer has a 1.6-quart internal pulp container, which creates a compact juicer while at the same time economizing on space.

7. Has a juice jug

The juice jug has a froth separator that reduces foam. The BPA-free container gathers your juice with minimum oxidation and froth, increasing nutrition and reducing spoilage.

8. Comes in three pieces

This makes assembling extremely easier, and in just a matter of moments, your juicer will be ready.

9. Dishwasher Safe Parts

This guarantees speedy cleanup while eliminating the need to hand-wash. All you need to do is to put the parts in your dishwasher’s upper rack.


  • Easy Clean Up – Thanks to the spatula and cleaning brush present in the package for they make cleaning extremely easy. And although this juicer does not have an automatic cleaning cycle, you can still simplify the cleaning process by using the best cleaning products on the market.
  • It is affordable – The BJE200XL comes with an affordable price of approximately $100 and thus you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to purchase it. If you are going to buy a refurbished product, consider purchasing on Amazon as it usually offers the lowest price.
  • It has an excellent owner’s manual.
  • Ideal for extracting juice from apples and carrots.
  • It is stable and does not jump around on the table.
  • It is simple to use, assemble as well as disassemble.
  • Very fast and thus produces juices in a matter of seconds.
  • Requires minimal pre-cutting.


  • This juicer is noisy and can easily scare toddlers. If you have close neighbors in an apartment, you may not want to use this juicer as you might disturb them.
  • It sucks in a lot of air and can increase juice oxidation and frothiness.
  • It is not suitable for juicing leafy greens.
  • Cannot store juice past one day before it starts to spoil.
  • It has a one year warranty only.


When buying a centrifugal juicing machine you cannot go wrong with any of top rated Breville juicers. The BJE200XL is the budget option that still delivers a solid juicing experience with the ultimate simplicity. While you it is normal to experience some few issues after purchasing, this juicing machine still has a perfect consistency. It has more pros than cons and you will be doing yourself a great favor when you choose to purchase this juicing machine.

9 Health Benefits Of Cucumbers That May Surprise You

Cucumbers, together with squash, watermelon, and pumpkin, belong to the cucurbitaceae family. It is 95 percent water and, thus, one of its foremost functions is to keep you hydrated especially in a hot, summer day. This is one of the main reasons why it is such a great ingredient for just about any kind of juicing recipe.

Beyond hydrating you, its health benefits to your body are a legion. It packs a full gamut of essential nutrients such as vitamin K, vitamin B, copper, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin C which can cushion you from conditions that arise from nutrient deficiencies.

There are at least nine reasons why you should include cucumbers in your diet:

# 1: Reduces your Risk of Cancer

Cucumbers are packed with polyphenols known as lignans that can significantly lower your risk of developing a wide variety of cancers: ovarian, prostate, uterine and breast cancers. In addition, they possess phytonutrients, the cucurbitacins that are rich in anti-cancer properties. According to the scientific community, the cucurbitacins’ activity blocks the many signaling pathways that are needed for cancer cell development.

#2: Cucumbers can also protect your Brain

Cucumbers are rich in anti-inflammatory flavonol known as fisetin that plays a critical role in brain health. It improves the brain’s memory as well as protecting the nerve cells from age-related decline. What is the evidence? Well, according to some study, fisetin was found capable of preventing progressive memory and learning impairments among mice that have Alzheimer’s disease.

#3: Fight Inflammation

Studies on animals indicate that cucumber extracts can reduce unwanted inflammation. Therefore, cucumber can also be useful to humans as it can reduce unwanted inflammatory responses in the body. Cucumber does this partly because it can inhibit the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes.

# 4: Antioxidant Properties

Cucumbers pack so many antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin C. Cucumbers also possess antioxidant flavonoids: apigenin, luteolin, kaempferol, and quercetin. The antioxidant flavonoids benefit the body in a variety of ways. For example, the quercetin can inhibit the release of histamine while Kaempferol can combat cancer as well as lower your risk of developing chronic diseases including heart conditions.

# 5: Help Freshen your Breath

If you place a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth, you will effectively get rid of odor-causing bacteria. In addition, if you eat cucumber, it will help to release excess heat in your stomach which is often the primary cause of bad breath.

# 6: Support your Digestive System

Cucumbers are rich in water in water and fiber, elements that are essential to healthy digestion. Water-rich cucumbers can really aid those who manifest acute symptoms of acid reflux because the water can temporarily raise the stomach’s PH.

Cucumber skins possess insoluble fiber that helps to add bulk to stool, thus, helping food to smoothly and quickly navigate the digestive tract for healthy elimination from the body. Therefore, cucumbers reduce or prevent constipation.

# 7: Help Manage Stress

Cucumbers possess multiple B vitamins: vitamin B1, vitamin B7, and vitamin B5. The B vitamins are known for their help to ameliorate feelings of anxiety as well as reducing the damaging effects of stress.

# 8: Maintain a Healthy Weight

Cucumbers are low in calories, but they make a very filling snack. The soluble fiber in cucumbers turns into a gel-like substance in your gut that helps to slow down the process of digestion. This will help you to feel full for a longer time, and thus, prevent unnecessary snacking.

# 9: Heart Health

Cucumbers possess potassium. Potassium is often associated with low blood pressure levels. A balance of potassium in and outside the cells is key for the body’s proper functioning.

Whether you enjoy them in a salad or you drop them into your juicer, cucumbers can provide your body with tremendous health benefits that makes worth adding to your daily diet. Eating healthy is part of living healthy, and this fruit can be a major part of your overall health goals.

Roasting Some Sweet Peppers In The Toaster Oven


Experimenting in the kitchen is one of the ways that we like to pass the time these days. One thing that we cannot get enough of are the vast variety of peppers, some from our garden, that can truly spice up just any type of dish. Whether you like them sweet or scorching hot, this is one versatile vegetable that can add both texture and taste. Before we get into how we cook them we thought we would share just some of the possible benefits of adding these to your diet and how they can help your diet improve.

Pepper Nutrition and Benefits

Peppers are one of the best ways to compliment any dish and can definitely bring not only a little kick for the palette but also add a nice bit of color. The variety range from red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers which are the most common. They are an extremely versatile veggie that can be prepared numerous was and can be included in a wide array of different types of dishes. But beyond the stunning good looks and tastes of peppers, they also can provide a nice improvement to your overall diet.

Control Cholesterol Levels

Capsaicin is an element in pepper that can help control the buildup of cholesterol levels in the body. Researchers say that the hotter the chilli the higher the level of the capsaicin, thus the healthier it is. On the other hand one should be keen not to add too much bitter pepper thus making your food almost inedible.

Fat Burner

Hot and sweet peppers can help contribute to weight loss. Capsaicin which is said to give hot red peppers the ‘burning mouth’ effect, aids in boosting metabolism in our bodies and therefore prevents immature fat cells from reaching maturity. Sweet peppers have a component named ‘CH-19 sweet’ which was found to work similar to capsaicin minus the burning effect.

Rich in Vitamin C

Research states that yellow, red or green sweet peppers chopped into half a cup contains double of your daily vitamin C needs. Getting a regular amount of this vitamin can help prevent a number of different maladies and it also help boost your immune system.

Cancer Prevention

Red peppers in particular contain an ingredient called lycopene. It is a carotenoid that lowers the chances of both cervical and prostate cancer. In addition to that, the carotenoids also prevent breast cancer with research from the university of Manchester stating that women who have had a slice of red pepper in their diets have their risk reduced by 17%. This is because the carotenoids have the ability to interfere with the signaling of estrogen. Fibre found in peppers reduce contact of the colon walls with cancer causing toxins thus reducing chances of colon cancer. More so, a combination of folic acid, beta-carotene and vitamin C which are all present in peppers significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Boosts Night Vision

Sweet peppers contain beta-carotene which is later converted to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is essential for night vision. Vitamin A is can also be important to active and passive smokers. Benzopyrene is a carcinogen in cigarette smoke which leads to vitamin A deficiency. Next to quitting smoking, a healthier diet can help minimize some of ill effects.

Stroke Prevention

Regardless of hot or sweet peppers, they are highly rich in B vitamins. Yellow, red and banana peppers have a high percent content of B vitamins and folate. In women, a high dietary consumption of vitamin B6 and folate lowers the probability of dying from stroke and coronary heart disease.

Maintain a Youthful Look

Bell peppers are known for their rich content in vitamin E. The vitamin E plays a key role in skin and hair growth which results in a younger look.

Whether you like peppers grilled, toasted, roasted, on your pizza or in a casserole, eating them on a regular basis can have very positive effects on your health. Today’s toaster ovens also make them a lot more convenient to prepare and enjoy.

Toaster Oven Versatility

We personally love using our toaster oven on a daily basis just because of all of the different meals, dishes, and treats that we can prepare. If you do not yet have one of these in your kitchen then you are truly missing out. This is one gift that you need to give yourself and with the holidays upon us this is the perfect time. When we made our decision we studied up on the toaster oven reviews from and found a Breville oven that we thought would fit nicely on our counter. We haven’t looked back. Cooking all types of peppers is just one may that we make use of our new kitchen toy, but there is so much more. But back to the peppers for a bit.

The simplest way to enjoy them is to cut them into smaller pieces and lay them out on a baking pan. Drizzle some olive oil and black pepper over them and pop them in the toaster oven for a few minutes. If you want sweet roasted peppers, you can use the broil function and just keep an eye on them. Depending on the oven it can take 10 to 20 minutes. The outside should be a nice blackened charred color. Let them cool for a few minutes and remove the “burnt” skin and what is left is sweet, soft roasted peppers that you can add to anything from salads to chicken fajitas. If you have any left over you can just put them into a ziplock bag and stick them in your freezer.

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